Tenant Removal & Eviction Services

Evictions are difficult on everyone involved, whether it’s the tenant, the landlord, or families involved. We’re here to help. We know you didn’t become a landlord and rent your property just to evict. In most cases, your hands are tied, especially if you find yourself owed thousands of dollars and falling behind on your own mortgage. The process can be frustrating and draining. That’s why ASE offers tenant removal and eviction services to make your life a little easier.

Eviction Information Services

Inexperienced landlords and those with years of experience can agree that rental upkeep and the overall eviction process can be time-consuming and confusing. Finding reliable contractors and waiting for a last minute eviction date is frustrating and creates an unpleasant experience. ASE provides a number of services to assist you in the process.

The Sheriff or Marshal has just notified you that you need 20 people for your eviction tomorrow. They must be at your rental property at a specified time and work quickly to complete the eviction, or your eviction will be canceled. You have two choices: call 20 of your family members and friends and trust they are all on time and empty out a packed 3-bedroom house in less than an hour or you can call us. We will have the crew members you need at your property on time and work quickly within the Sheriff’s guidelines. Our crews are uniformed employees and managed by a Professional Field Manager on-site. We are licensed and insured and have positive relationships with local enforcement officials. Call us for a quote or click our eviction service form below to schedule an eviction crew. One of our staff members will quickly contact you to put your eviction on our calendar.

What a Landlord Needs to Know to Evict

Here are some terms you should know when you are ready to evict:

  • Unconditional Quit Notice — this is the most extreme notice a landlord can give their tenant. Essentially this notice requires the tenant to vacate the property and provides them no chance to rectify their mistakes. This notice is typically used when the tenant has repeatedly broken the lease agreement, has significantly damaged the property, or has engaged in illegal activity.
  • Cure or Quit Notice — This notice typically provides the tenant a certain amount of time to “cure” (stop violating the lease agreement) or “quit” (vacate the property). Most landlords use this notice when they want a tenant to stop making excessive noise, need to ask their unauthorized roommate to leave, or if they need to remove a pet from the property because they have a no pet clause in the lease.
  • Pay or Quit Notice — This notice is used when a landlord wants the tenant to “pay” their past due rent or vacate (quit) the property. Often the notice gives the tenant 3 to 5 days to pay rent but this time frame might vary depending on the state in which you live.
  • 30 Day or 60 Day Notice To Vacate — These notices are used when a landlord needs to terminate a tenancy without reason. The length of notice will vary slightly depending on your state laws.
  • Eviction Lawsuit — Can only be filed after a tenant has received written notice stating the end of tenancy. If the tenant has not paid due rent or continues to violate the lease agreement you must have them legally served with summons or complaint.


For more information about evicting in these jurisdictions, check out the links available below:

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